About Our Company

Leading Foreign Recruitment

Leading Foreign Recruitment Pvt.Ltd.Kathmandu,Nepal was established in 2007 with the registration number 666/063/064. Since its establishment, LFR has been providing remarkable recruitment service worldwide. With the collaboration with a number of reputed companies from all over the world, LFR ensures better working conditions, better pay and satisfying job opportunities to those who have skills and are willing to work overseas.


We focus on the best match of talents with requirements. This ensures job satisfaction and employee retention as well. This is also the major reason behind our one and a half decade journey in the recruitment industry. We tend to provide quality and standard service so that we can continue to run in the race of being in and ultimately leading this industry.


We thoroughly analyze the job requirements, search candidates, screen them and the ones with the best matching profiles are recruited and processed further for selection process. They are trained according to the specific requirement of the client and deployed to their offshore work locations. We maintain the quality of our recruitment procedure by assessing the personality, attitude and qualifications of the candidates beforehand.



The primary vision of Leading Foreign Recruitment is to showcase Nepali Talents in the global scale and foster Nepali Economy by recruiting Nepali Manpower in the right kind of Jobs! No doubt people are always looking for better opportunities, our goal is to help them find the best type of jobs according to their qualification and make sure they have very good working conditions.



The mission of our team of experts and professionals is to manage the employment crisis by outsourcing qualified and talented resources in the global industry according to the requirements of the recruiters. We tend to balance the manpower requirements of the clients and the procurement of the best candidates.

The sad reality of our country is: We do not have enough employment opportunities for all kinds of resources and the resource that we have are incompetent for the job opportunities we have which is not really contributing in the economy of Nepal.

Hence, we are continuously looking forward to enhance our global presence and strengthen the relationship with foreign countries. We strive to benefit all the parties involved; Applicants by helping them identify their potential and recommending them the best suitable jobs and the Recruiters by outsourcing them the applicants that best match their Job requirements. 



The primary objective of Leading Foreign Recruitment is to help resolve the employment crisis by helping the skilled, semi skilled as well as unskilled manpower in different parts of the world. We aim to serve our valuable clients with best of our effort to provide finest recruitment services. Being employed and making money is always better than remaining unemployed, even if it’s being employed in the foreign country. Our major objectives are:

  1. To explore talented and qualified human resource and place them in the best jobs globally for job satisfaction and financial security,
  2. To provide the opportunity to Nepali human resource to work in foreign countries, learn cross culture, gain experience and help boost economy of the country,
  3. To help manage employment crisis in Nepal,
  4. To help people identify their capabilities and skills so that they can choose their future careers,
  5. To cater the best career counseling services,
  6. To boost the Nepalese economy through high amount of remittance. “Nepalimigrant workers sent home $8.1 billion in 2018, making it the 19th biggest beneficiary of funds sent by migrants around the world, according to a report released by World Bank on Monday. The remittances were up 16.39 percent year-on-year despite a drop in the number of departures.” (Source: The Kathmandu Post).

The major types of job categories that we specialize in are:

  1. Hospitality
  2. Sales and Retails
  3. Information Technology
  4. Banking sectors
  5. Telecom
  6. Oil and Gas
  7. Construction and Engineering
  8. Manufacturing
  9. Facility Management
  10. FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Companies

All we gained during these years are our esteemed and valuable clients in the following sectors: